Charter a boat or should you just book a cabin at the boat ?

A cabin charter is a skipper sailing holiday, this means you can sit back and relax or help the skipper with running the sailing charter. Sailing experience is not required !!!

You can book/ charter a cabin in a sailing boat, catamaran or traditional Gulet. If you are booking a cabin in sailing boat or catamaran be aware that space is limited, those options have skipper but generally not food included in the price.

Prices are set per person in a shared bedroom but if you are traveling alone and would like your own cabin you can usually reserved it for extra charge.

There are party sailing cabin charters available but also cabin charters that cater to 30+ customers who prefer theme holiday like gourmet or historical tours and are more into the sport of sailing while visiting different Islands and hidden Bays.

This is a great option for tourist that want to enjoy sailing but either have limited budget or just want to meet other people while traveling.

What  type of vessels are  available for sailing and cruising   ?


Sail boats




Luxury Boats


Traditional Boats


Sail boats do not consume much fuel as they harness the power of the wind.

This is an ideal option for people looking to experience sailing either with the skipper that you hire or if you are experience sailor and have necessary skills and licenses you can sailing on your own.

Generally 16–50+( 5-15+ meters) feet in length, these boats have luxury equipped cabins for extended cruising. They’re equipped with a kitchen and are designed for you to lounge around and to be relaxed.

Boats larger than 26 feet usually have standing headroom down below.


These boats are similar to cruising boats but have more equipment and are built lighter, with Spartan accommodations.

They are not intended to be a comfortable ride, just a fast one. These boats are usually 20–70+ feet(6-21+ meters) in length.

Recommended for people that are really into the Sailing and have enough experience in doing it.

Sail boats often have between 2 and 6 cabins. Popular brands to charter in Croatia are Bavaria  BeneteauJeanneau, Hanse ,  Grand SoleilElan and Salona.


If you are looking for fast and light sailing boat and at the same time want plenty of space and specious deck for sunbathing then Catamarans are perfect for you!!!

They have accommodation for extended cruising. They are stable platforms with shallow drafts. Most available Catamarans are are 25–50+ feet (8-15 meters +) in length.

Catamarans can fly deftly across the water lifted and propelled by air packed into the sails. The modern catamarans offer all the facilities of yachts, including spacious cabins, showers, toilets, and are equipped with all the modern facilities and utilities.

Chartering a catamaran means an abundance of open space are highly recommended for larger groups and those with children.

Most popular Brand of Catamarans for Charter is Lagoon but you can also find Fontaine Pajot, Outremer and Nautitech.


Luxury Yachts for The ultimate Croatian Experience !

If money is not a problem, than what better than cruising Croatian Coast with the modern luxury Yacht.

Depending on your budget There are plenty of choices available; Sunseeker, Princess, Fairline, Azimut, Pershing, Sea Ray, Bayliner, Sealine, Maiora or Benetti.

Port of Montenegro in Tivat is a home to some of the most prestigious yachts on the planet and most of them are available for charter.

They definitely enable you to explore Croatia in Style. Luxury yachts are always charter with the experience crew.


Trabakul,loger,-turky Gulets are Originally designed for fishermen in Turkey , but with the rise of Travel industry in Croatia many Croatian families bought them and changed their original purpose so they are now predominately used for cruising Croatian Adriatic Cost.

Gulets are more comfortable and spacious then sailing boats. Most of them are family owned and operated. They have huge, open decks which make dining and relaxing ideal. Sailing Trips on gullet consist of cruising of around 3-4 hours per day.

Embarking every day on a different island or City in Croatia, and since they are spacious they usually have tons of extra equipment available for either biking tours of the Islands or jet skis, windsurfers, & kayaks.

Because you’ll be anchoring in bays, instead of constantly moving, you’ll have plenty of time to snorkel and swim.

Most gullets crew consists of Captain, Sailor and Chef specialized in local cuisine. This is ideal holiday for travelers who prefer relaxing not so much into the sport of Sailing.

Traditional Sailing Boat

Classic Sailing Option

Classic sailing yachts are perfect for yachting enthusiasts looking to experience vintage sailing at its very best.

Whether you are an experienced sailor or a first-time charterer, an experienced charter crew is on hand to not only crank winches and trim the sails but ensure your every need is catered for.



Skipper –what is the cost per day (if not included )


Final cleaning fees

Additional fees for towels, sheets, and Wi-Fi


Security deposit



How much luggage can you bring on board?

Is a chef service included and what is the cost?


Fuel cost ( Sailing boats do not consume to much fuel )


Taxes ( are they included)

Availability of Water


Fees for additional equipment

Is food included in price , if not what are your options

Can you bring your own food and drinks on board ?


Who will do the cooking or will you be eating out?

What part of Croatian Adriatic should you visit ?

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